Export Products

We’re Indian at heart, Global in Reach

We are ingeniously engaged in the manufacturing of regular & premium grade of chewing tobacco products for the international markets. Driven by a passionate team with in-depth expertise in various geographies, our company has amassed a valuable repertoire of information about product and consumer behavior in various countries. Our International Business segment at Madhu is actively engaged in managing the company’s diverse and well-entrenched business interests across the globe. 


Madhu Gutkha & Asha are a unique blend of premium select ingredients, distinct aroma and flavour. Our premium range of Gutkhas are known for its aromatic flavors and are highly acclaimed by the global clients. Selected premium tobaccos and an exquisitely balanced blend of betel nuts, catechu, lime, cardamom & rose scented flavours award our Gutkha an unparalleled taste & aroma. 

The formulation have been finalised after tremendous amount of testing and research of consumer habits and preferences. Our Gutkha assortments are available in a completely humidity proof laminated pouch for the international markets.

Queen Sweet Supari

Sweet Supari is a 100% non-tobacco product with a unique endearing fragrance and flavour for everlasting freshness. A luxurious scent and a rich taste define Queen Sweet Supari as one of the bestselling mouth fresheners. 

To deliver the stimulating supari taste, we procure the best of handpicked ingredients & decorously process them at our own world-class modern manufacturing facilities at Gujarat, India.

Madhu Readymade scented Tobacco

Readymade scented tobacco serves finest tobacco flakes which are perfectly blended & mixed to form an enriching grade of scented tobacco with rich fragrance and flavour. Its taste is simply a blend of wonderful ingredients procured and mixed together in the right manner and in the right proportions. 

Madhu readymade scented tobacco is manufactured using the choicest variety of tobacco, menthol, mixed spices, limewater, natural & artificial flavours.

Iceberg Filter Khaini (Snus)

More and more people across the world are switching from smoking & tobacco chewing to Madhu Khaini Filter Pouches, not only for the safety but for the unique Khaini experience. 

Iceberg filter khaini or Snus characterized by a classic tobacco taste & splendid flavors is one of the most popular brands in India. The Iceberg Filter Khaini offers the premium tobacco leaves blended in rich spices, menthol, oil, and floral essences.
To augment and achieve benchmark safety, the filter pouches of Madhu khaini are manufactured with international technology. For additional freshness and authentic flavour, the pouches are laminated by a special processing technique.

Madhu Al-Sama Pandarpuri Tobacco

Al-Sama is one of those specialized varieties of raw tobacco flakes from the brand which is widely acclaimed for its rare & intense taste amongst the chewing tobacco connoisseurs. Madhu Al-sama Pandarpuri that we provide is made from the superior variety of unprocessed tobacco sourced from the farmlands of Gujarat. It comes with a fine flavour and leaves no aftertaste in the mouth. 

We strive to ensure that strict quality measures are adhered during the whole manufacturing process