About Us

The Madhu Story

From a humble family-run business to one of the leading leaf and chewing tobacco manufacturing companies in India, Madhu has come a long way.

Our business is built on bedrock of values that goes back to our father and founder, Late Shree Hori Lal Sahu that combines kindness as our default demeanor, compassion for those around us, and the humility that everyone deserves dignity. Combined with the strategic vision & a steadfast focus on long term, he laid the foundation for the growth of Madhu and the chewing tobacco manufacturing sector in India. From its onset, more than five decades ago, to the present day, his imprint and influence on the business is clear and unmistakable.

Madhu as a company has experienced a unique integration of traditional knowledge of manufacturing tobacco products with modern entrepreneurial skills over the years that gave impetus for the successful production of many diverse blends ensuring that there is an exquisite line of taste & flavor for every tobacco consumer. Passion for perfection and quality has been the central premise for the brand since its birth five decades ago. We adopt production methods that are in line with strict quality specifications and cutting-edge technology. These efforts are appreciated by both specialized and wholesale trade and by millions of quality-conscious consumers, many of whom have been loyal Madhu customers for a decade.

In the true tradition of excellence, today Madhu is known for its consistent and delectable taste experience. The popularity of the brand in India is lately spreading to neighbouring countries. We now vision to burgeon globally by increasing our production capability, & targeting the countries where tobacco chewing has been popular for centuries. Internationalization would be the company’s focus area in the future.

Late Shri Hori lal Sahu

Founder, HL Group