Domestic Products

India’s Favourite, Our Pride

Keeping in mind the varied tastes, over the years, we have developed a portfolio of brands that cater to all segments of the Indian markets from the top end premium to the mass consumption. Despite an increased competition, the company has been able to consolidate its market position as one of the seasoned Indian manufacturers of Pan Masala and Khaini. The  company thrives on a unique integration of industry expertise and modern entrepreneurial skill over the last 50 years. It has successfully expanded its portfolio of products to render a strong representation to the brand in all chewing tobacco products across all price segments in the Indian markets. 

Pan Masala

Madhu Pan Masala is a premium quality product with the exquisitely balanced blend & rich trove of the finest ingredients. A delightful blend of hand-picked ingredients from the best farms around the nation is what makes our product exclusive and particular in terms of taste & flavours. Madhu Pan Masala is a product for the masses that is prepared using the finest quality material & stored in hygienic packages. These attractive sachets retain the genuine flavours & aroma of pan masala for days.

The range of pan masala at Madhu spans around: Madhu Pan Masala, Madhu Xtra Power Madhu 2000 & Asha.


Our varieties of chewing tobaccos are the perfect mixture of lime, essence and spices like clove, cardamom and mint.

Readymade Khaini – The range of readymade khaini by Madhu guarantees freshness as exemplified through its distinctive blend of finest tobacco with lime and special flavours & aromas. The company has pioneered the concept and supply of scented tobacco /khaini in India. Our range of Madhu Khaini ensures long enjoyment with a guarantee of complete satisfaction and therefore provides good value for money.


Filter Khaini – Filter khaini or snus is a new age replacement product for people using traditional chewing tobacco products in India. We drive to bring around a revolution in India and this is the Indian snus made for people with the Indian pallet.
Iceberg Filter Khaini is a preparation made from tobacco leaves, mixed with lime. This bitter-sweet combination is seasoned with aromatic oils and blended with flavoured natural products to produce a refined grade of Indian black tobacco.  Available in easy-to-use filter pouches in different sizes to suit your style statement.

Sweet Supari

Betel nuts, popularly known as Supari in India, are traditional mouth ffresheners which are manufactured using various food grade perfumes and flavors. They have a special place in Indian rites and ceremonies also. Sweet Supari by Madhu is a 100% non-tobacco product with a unique endearing fragrance and flavour for everlasting freshness. It is manufactured with select high quality ingredients under the most hygienic conditions and a modern process for a completely pure and safe product.